You Damn Kid! is a comic strip about my childhood growing up Catholic in the 1960’s and 70’s, and more recently, also about my life as an adult, with damn kids of my own. (And God stuff, too, because that was drilled into my head as a child and my curiosity never went away.)

MannequinJuicebox BluessuperhighwayBody Of Ernie

The first strip above was when my little sister Dot and I dared each other to take the clothes off of a mannequin. Mom was not pleased. But there’s Mom again, in next strip, now Grandma with me as a grownup and my kid Jax. The third strip is a combination of both, with young Uncle Mike and old Uncle Mike. And the fourth, because, every once in a while I have to embarrass my relatives and piss off religious people.

Usually the strips from my childhood are in black and white, and the modern day strips are in color, but not always. My relatives have grown older, but seemingly none the wiser – but I guess the same could be said for us kids who have grown up to make the same mistakes.

I hope you enjoy You Damn Kid!