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Featuring Mrs. Poppenhoff, the lady who does tailoring for the neighborhood. Among other things.

"All Business"
Dad goes on a business trip. What did we get?

"Animal Balloons"
Grandpa Henry makes the best balloon animals...well, he used to anyway.

"Body Of Ernie"
The Catholic League got mad at me for this one.

"Clean Up Crew"
What does Dad really do for a living?

"Clippy Clappy Hat"
Featuring Jethro, the neighborhood kid.

"Hey It's Harv!"
Featuring Harv, the waiter.

"Microwave Hot Dogs"
The title says it all.

"Odd Creatures"
Featuring Mr. Strunk, and his dog Jessica.

"The Autograph"
Meeting your childhood heroes...

"The Poz Awakens"
Sister Margaret's nemesis...

"The Mike Fish"
Suprise discovery in the pet department.

"The Collection Basket"
Dad falls asleep in church.

"RIP Tipsy"
When a clown dies...what are the biblical implications?

"The Glass Slippers"
Great Grandma's new shoes.

"The Eyes Have It"
Aunt Margaret's shifting eyebrows

"Grinnicks n' Ham"
Fun with Dr. Seuss, alcohol, and Aunt Claire.

"Harv The Waiter"
We saw him in "Hey It's Harv", now at work at Buddy J's.

"Joe The Ventriloquist"
Grandpa's brother Joe and his little buddy

"The Lady Jesus"
The kid wonders...what is Jesus was a lady?
Jo decides to bring a gluten-free option to a family get together.

Aunt Rita on the Facebook.

"All The Right Moves"
If you don't go to church, how can you know the moves?

"Ask A Silly Question"
And then you immediately regret asking it.

"At The Airport"
You never know what you'll see or hear at the airport.

"And, In The End"
Uncle Mike preps for death.

"At The Hedge"
Neighborhood discussions never
end well.

"Bang Those Keys!"
Harv is angry.

Uncle Mike discovers new horizons.